精選 300+日常英文會話範例:5大情境輕鬆掌握

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打招呼 – 掌握第一印象的關鍵



  • “Good morning! How are you today?”
  • 早安!你今天過得怎麼樣?


  • “Hi there! Nice to see you again.”
  • 嗨!很高興再次見到你。


  • “Hello, I hope you’re having a productive day.”
  • 你好,希望你今天工作順利。


  • “Hey! What a pleasant surprise to see you here.”
  • 嘿!在這裡遇到你真是個愉快的驚喜。


  • “Good afternoon! Have you had lunch yet?”
  • 午安!你午餐吃了嗎?


  • “Hello everyone, thank you for joining the meeting today.”
  • 大家好,謝謝今天參加會議。


  • “Hi, how’s your weekend going?”
  • 嗨,你的週末過得怎麼樣?


  • “Good afternoon, would you like some tea or coffee?”
  • 下午好,你想喝點茶還是咖啡?


  • “Good evening! It’s nice to relax after a long day.”
  • 晚上好!經過漫長的一天後能放鬆真好。


  • “Good night, see you tomorrow.”
  • 晚安,明天見。



  • “Hi, I’m [Your Name]. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
  • 嗨,我是[你的名字]。很高興見到你。


  • “Hello, I’m [Your Name], and I work as a [Your Profession].”
  • 你好,我是[你的名字],我是一名[你的職業]。


  • “I’m originally from [Your City or Country].”
  • 我來自[你的城市或國家]。


  • “I enjoy [Hobby] in my free time.”
  • 我空閒時間喜歡[愛好]。


  • “I studied [Your Major] at [Your University].”
  • 我在[你的大學]學習了[你的專業]。


  • “I’ve been working in [Industry] for [Number of Years].”
  • 我在[行業]工作了[幾年]。


  • “I’m known for being [Personal Trait].”
  • 人們認為我[個人特質]。


  • “I come from a family of [Family Background].”
  • 我來自一個[家庭背景]的家庭。


  • “My professional goal is to [Career Objective].”
  • 我的職業目標是[職業目標]。


  • “I’m excited to be here and look forward to getting to know all of you.”
  • 我很高興能來到這裡,期待能了解你們大家。




  • “Speaking of that, have you heard about [Related Topic]?”
  • 說到這個,你聽說過[相關話題]嗎?


  • “That reminds me of the time when I [Personal Experience]. What about you?”
  • 那讓我想起了我[個人經歷]的時候。你呢?


  • “By the way, do you have any thoughts on [New Topic]?”
  • 順便問一下,你對[新話題]有什麼看法嗎?


  • “I recently read about [News/Event]. Have you heard about it?”
  • 我最近讀到關於[新聞/事件]的消息。你聽說過嗎?


  • “On a different note, what are your hobbies?”
  • 換個話題,你有什麼愛好?


  • “This place is really nice. Do you come here often?”
  • 這個地方真不錯。你經常來這裡嗎?


  • “I just came back from [Place]. Have you ever been there?”
  • 我剛從[地點]回來。你去過那裡嗎?


  • “I was talking to [Mutual Friend] the other day. They mentioned you.”
  • 前幾天我跟[共同的朋友]聊天。他們提到了你。


  • “Have you been following the news about [Current Event]?”
  • 你有關注關於[時事話題]的新聞嗎?


  • “Let’s lighten the mood. Seen any good movies lately?”
  • 讓我們談點輕鬆的話題。最近看過什麼好電影嗎?



  • “What was your experience like when you [Experience]?”
  • 當你[經歷]的時候,感覺怎麼樣?


  • “What do you enjoy most about your hobby?”
  • 你最喜歡你的愛好中的哪個部分?


  • “What inspired you to choose your current profession?”
  • 是什麼激勵你選擇了現在的職業?


  • “How do you feel about [Topic]?”
  • 你對[話題]有什麼感受?


  • “What does a typical day look like for you?”
  • 你的典型一天是什麼樣的?


  • “What’s the most interesting place you’ve visited and why?”
  • 你去過的最有趣的地方是哪裡,為什麼?


  • “What are your plans or goals for the next five years?”
  • 你未來五年的計劃或目標是什麼?


  • “Can you tell me about a cultural tradition you enjoy?”
  • 你能講講你喜歡的一個文化傳統嗎?


  • “What has been a defining moment in your life?”
  • 你生活中有什麼關鍵時刻?


  • “How have you changed in the last five years?”
  • 在過去五年裡,你有哪些變化?




  • “I can see where you’re coming from.”
  • 我能理解你的觀點。


  • “That must have been really challenging for you.”
  • 那對你來說一定很有挑戰性。


  • “Tell me more about that, I’m really interested.”
  • 說多一點,我真的很感興趣。


  • “How did that make you feel?”
  • 那讓你感覺怎樣?


  • “I’m sorry to hear that you went through this.”
  • 聽到你經歷了這些,我感到很遺憾。


  • “I really admire how you handled that situation.”
  • 我真的很欣賞你處理那種情況的方式。


  • “I’ve had a similar experience. It’s not easy.”
  • 我也有過類似的經歷。那不容易。


  • “That sounds exciting! Can you tell me more?”
  • 聽起來很令人興奮!你能多講一些嗎?


  • “If you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.”
  • 如果你需要有人傾訴,我在這裡支持你。


  • “It’s completely normal to feel that way.”
  • 那樣的感覺完全正常。



  • “I agree with you on that point.”
  • 我在那一點上同意你的看法。


  • “I see your point, but I have a different perspective.”
  • 我理解你的觀點,但我有不同的看法。


  • “That’s a good point, and I also think that…”
  • 那是個好觀點,我也認為…


  • “I understand where you’re coming from, however…”
  • 我明白你的出發點,但是…


  • “I agree with you to an extent, but…”
  • 我在一定程度上同意你,但是…


  • “That’s an interesting point of view. I hadn’t considered that.”
  • 那是一個有趣的觀點。我之前沒有考慮過那個。


  • “You make a valid point, but have you considered…”
  • 你提出了一個合理的觀點,但你考慮過…嗎?


  • “I respectfully disagree. My thoughts are…”
  • 我恭敬地不同意。我的想法是…


  • “I see your perspective, but let’s explore other possibilities.”
  • 我明白你的看法,但讓我們探索其他可能性。


  • “We seem to have different opinions on this. What can we agree on?”
  • 我們在這個問題上似乎有不同的意見。我們能同意什麼?




  • “It was great talking to you. Goodbye!”
  • 和你聊天很愉快。再見!


  • “Thanks for the meeting. I look forward to our next discussion.”
  • 感謝這次會議。期待我們下次的討論。


  • “Let’s catch up again soon. Take care!”
  • 我們很快再聯絡。保重!


  • “Thanks for the call. I’ll talk to you later.”
  • 謝謝你的來電。待會聊。


  • “I had a wonderful time. Thanks for having me!”
  • 我過得很愉快。謝謝你的招待!


  • “I appreciate your time. Let’s follow up soon.”
  • 感謝你的時間。我們很快再跟進。


  • “I must be going now. Hope to see you again.”
  • 我得走了。希望再見到你。


  • “It’s getting late. Good night and sweet dreams.”
  • 天色已晚。晚安,做個好夢。


  • “We’ve had a long chat. Let’s talk more another time.”
  • 我們聊了很久。下次再多聊。


  • “Catch you later. Have a good one!”
  • 待會見。祝你過得愉快!



  • “I had a great time today. Let’s do this again soon!”
  • 今天真的很開心。我們很快再聚!


  • “Thank you all for your contributions. Have a great day!”
  • 感謝大家的貢獻。祝你們有美好的一天!


  • “It was nice meeting you. Have a good day!”
  • 很高興遇見你。祝你有美好的一天!


  • “Take care, I’ll miss you. Let’s keep in touch.”
  • 保重,我會想你的。我們保持聯絡。


  • “Thank you for the wonderful evening. I really enjoyed myself.”
  • 感謝你這個美妙的夜晚。我真的很享受。


  • “I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Best wishes for your future endeavors.”
  • 感謝有機會與你交談。祝你未來努力成功。


  • “Good talking to you. Let’s catch up again next week.”
  • 跟你談話很愉快。下週我們再聊。


  • “I enjoyed our discussion. See you in class next time.”
  • 我喜歡我們的討論。下次課上見。


  • “Alright, I’m off. See you all tomorrow at the office.”
  • 好的,我走了。明天辦公室見。


  • “It was a pleasure to meet you. I hope our paths cross again.”
  • 很高興見到你。希望我們還能再次相遇。




  • “Good morning, this is [Your Name] from [Company/Organization]. How can I assist you today?”
  • 早上好,我是[公司/機構]的[你的名字]。今天我怎麼幫助您?


  • “Is now a good time to talk?”
  • 現在是方便講話的時候嗎?


  • “I’m calling regarding [Topic/Reason for Call].”
  • 我打電話是關於[主題/打電話的原因]。


  • “I just wanted to confirm [Details/Information].”
  • 我只是想確認一下[細節/資訊]。


  • “May I speak with [Person’s Name], please?”
  • 請問[某人的名字]在嗎?


  • “Thank you for your time. If there’s anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”
  • 感謝您抽出時間。如果還有其他事情,請隨時與我聯繫。


  • “It was good catching up with you. Let’s talk again soon.”
  • 能和你聊天真好。我們很快再聊。


  • “I’ll follow up with an email on this matter. Is that okay with you?”
  • 我會就這個問題跟進一封電子郵件。你看可以嗎?


  • “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”
  • 今天還有其他我可以幫忙的事嗎?


  • “I appreciate your help with this. Have a great day!”
  • 感謝你在這件事上的幫助。祝你有美好的一天!



  • “I’m sorry, I’m having some trouble with the connection. Can you hear me clearly?”
  • 抱歉,我的連接出了些問題。你能清楚地聽到我嗎?


  • “Could you please repeat that? I didn’t catch it the first time.”
  • 你能重復一遍嗎?我剛才沒有聽清楚。


  • “I’m not sure how to resolve this issue. Could you offer some assistance?”
  • 我不確定如何解決這個問題。你能提供一些幫助嗎?


  • “There seems to be a misunderstanding. Let me clarify my previous statement.”
  • 似乎有些誤解。讓我澄清我之前的陳述。


  • “I think [Person’s Name] might be better able to assist you with this. May I transfer your call?”
  • 我認為[某人的名字]可能更能幫助您處理這個問題。我可以轉接您的電話給他嗎?


  • “Can I get back to you on this? I need to check some additional information.”
  • 我可以稍後回覆您嗎?我需要檢查一些額外的資訊。


  • “I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Let me see how I can make this right.”
  • 對造成的不便我深表歉意。讓我看看我怎樣能夠糾正這個問題。


  • “Could you hold for a moment while I retrieve your records?”
  • 在我取出您的紀錄時,您可以稍等一會兒嗎?


  • “To make sure I understand correctly, you need help with [Issue], right?”
  • 為了確保我理解正確,你需要在[問題]上的幫助,對吧?


  • “I will look into this issue and follow up with you by [Time/Date].”
  • 我會研究這個問題,並在[時間/日期]之前跟您回報。




  • “I’d like to make a reservation for two people at 7 pm tonight.”
  • 我想預訂今晚七點兩個人的餐位。


  • “Is there a table available for tonight?”
  • 今晚還有空桌嗎?


  • “We’re ready to order, please.”
  • 我們準備好點餐了。


  • “What do you recommend from the menu?”
  • 菜單上有什麼推薦的菜餚嗎?


  • “I have an allergy to peanuts. Can you suggest something suitable?”
  • 我對花生過敏。你能推薦一些適合的食物嗎?


  • “Can you tell me what’s in the [Dish Name]?”
  • 你能告訴我[菜名]裡面有哪些食材嗎?


  • “Could I get the [Dish Name] without onion?”
  • 我能點一份不加洋蔥的[菜名]嗎?


  • “What wine would pair well with my meal?”
  • 有什麼酒能與我的菜餚很好地搭配嗎?


  • “That’s all for now, thank you.”
  • 目前就這些,謝謝。


  • “I need to change our reservation to a later time, is that possible?”
  • 我需要將我們的預訂改到更晚的時間,這可行嗎?



  • “I’m vegetarian. Do you have any meat-free options?”
  • 我是素食者。你們有沒有不含肉的選項?


  • “Do you offer gluten-free dishes?”
  • 你們提供無麩質的菜餚嗎?


  • “I’m lactose intolerant. Can you suggest a suitable dish?”
  • 我對乳糖不耐受。你能推薦一個合適的菜餚嗎?


  • “Can this dish be made less spicy?”
  • 這道菜可以做得不那麼辣嗎?


  • “I have a shellfish allergy. Please ensure there’s no cross-contamination.”
  • 我對貝類過敏。請確保沒有交叉污染。


  • “Excuse me, my soup is cold. Could you warm it up?”
  • 不好意思,我的湯涼了。你能幫我加熱一下嗎?


  • “I’m sorry, but we’ve been waiting for our meal for a very long time.”
  • 抱歉,但我們已經等了很久的餐了。


  • “There seems to be a mistake. I ordered the [Correct Dish], not this.”
  • 似乎有些錯誤。我點的是[正確的菜餚],不是這個。


  • “Could I have some more water, please?”
  • 能請您再給我一些水嗎?


  • “I believe there’s an error on the bill. We didn’t order this item.”
  • 我認為帳單上有個錯誤。我們沒有點這個項目。




  • “Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the [Place]?”
  • 不好意思,你能告訴我怎麼去[地方]嗎?


  • “Which bus/train should I take to go to [Destination]?”
  • 我應該搭乘哪一班公車/火車去[目的地]?


  • “How long does it take to get to [Destination] from here?”
  • 從這裡去[目的地]要花多長時間?


  • “How much is a ticket to [Destination]?”
  • 到[目的地]的票價是多少?


  • “Where is the nearest bus/subway station?”
  • 最近的公車/地鐵站在哪裡?


  • “Could you show me on the map where it is?”
  • 你能在地圖上指給我看在哪裡嗎?


  • “Is this the right platform for the train to [Destination]?”
  • 這是去往[目的地]的火車月台嗎?


  • “How often do the buses/trains run to [Destination]?”
  • 去往[目的地]的公車/火車有多頻繁?


  • “Are there any night buses/trains to [Destination]?”
  • 有去往[目的地]的夜間公車/火車嗎?


  • “Could you help me buy a ticket from the machine?”
  • 你能幫我從售票機買一張票嗎?



  • “What items are not allowed in my carry-on baggage?”
  • 我的隨身行李不允許攜帶哪些物品?


  • “Where can I buy tickets for the train to [Destination]?”
  • 我在哪裡可以買到去往[目的地]的火車票?


  • “Could you please tell me where to find the boarding gate for flight [Flight Number]?”
  • 請問我在哪裡可以找到[航班號碼]的登機門?


  • “What time does the train to [Destination] leave?”
  • 去往[目的地]的火車什麼時候出發?


  • “Where is the baggage claim area for flight [Flight Number]?”
  • [航班號碼]的行李領取區在哪裡?


  • “Does this train have assigned seating?”
  • 這班火車有指定座位嗎?


  • “Where do I go for my connecting flight to [Destination]?”
  • 我要去哪裡轉搭前往[目的地]的航班?


  • “Is there a restroom/cafe near here in the station?”
  • 車站附近有洗手間/咖啡廳嗎?


  • “How do I connect to the airport’s Wi-Fi?”
  • 我怎樣才能連接到機場的Wi-Fi?


  • “Who can I speak to about a lost item on the train?”
  • 我該跟誰談談火車上遺失物品的事宜?




  • “How much does this cost?”
  • 這個多少錢?


  • “Is there any discount on this item?”
  • 這個商品有折扣嗎?


  • “Are there any ongoing sales or promotions?”
  • 目前有進行任何特賣或促銷活動嗎?


  • “Does the price include tax?”
  • 這個價格包含稅金了嗎?


  • “Can you help me compare the prices of these two items?”
  • 你能幫我比較這兩個商品的價格嗎?



  • “I’m really pleased with the quality of this product.”
  • 我對這個產品的品質非常滿意。


  • “Unfortunately, this isn’t quite what I was looking for.”
  • 不幸的是,這不太符合我所尋找的。


  • “Do you have more varieties or styles of this item?”
  • 你們有這個商品的其他品種或風格嗎?


  • “I’ve noticed a problem with this item. Could you assist me?”
  • 我發現這個商品有問題。你能幫我處理嗎?


  • “What’s your return policy in case I need to exchange or return it?”
  • 如果我需要交換或退貨,你們的退換政策是什麼?



  1. 你的周末過得怎麼樣?- How was your weekend?
  2. 你下班後有什麼計畫嗎?- Do you have any plans after work?
  3. 你最近在看什麼書?- What book have you been reading recently?
  4. 你最近看了什麼好電影?- Have you seen any good movies recently?
  5. 昨天的天氣真好。- The weather was really nice yesterday.
  6. 你有寵物嗎?- Do you have any pets?
  7. 你最喜歡的季節是什麼?- What’s your favorite season?
  8. 你喜歡做什麼運動?- What kind of sports do you like?
  9. 你最近去過哪些新的地方?- Where have you been recently?
  10. 你喜歡旅遊嗎?- Do you like traveling?
  11. 你最近有什麼新的發現?- What have you discovered recently?
  12. 你最近有學習新的東西嗎?- Have you learned anything new recently?
  13. 你最近去過哪些餐廳?- What restaurants have you been to recently?
  14. 你喜歡吃什麼類型的食物?- What kind of food do you like?
  15. 你最喜歡的音樂類型是什麼?- What’s your favorite type of music?
  16. 你最近有沒有嘗試過新的烹飪食譜?- Have you tried any new cooking recipes recently?
  17. 你的愛好是什麼?- What are your hobbies?
  18. 你的週末通常會做什麼?- What do you usually do on weekends?
  19. 你最近看過什麼好書?- Have you read any good books recently?
  20. 你最近在學什麼新的事物?- What new things have you been learning recently?
  21. 你喜歡烹飪嗎?- Do you like cooking?
  22. 你最喜歡的菜是什麼?- What’s your favorite dish?
  23. 你最近有什麼新的興趣?- What new interests do you have recently?
  24. 你最近在追什麼電視劇?- What TV show are you following recently?
  25. 你的工作如何?- How’s your job going?
  26. 你最近有去健身嗎?- Have you been working out recently?
  27. 你最喜歡的休閒活動是什麼?- What’s your favorite leisure activity?
  28. 你最近有什麼好玩的事情? – What fun things have you been up to recently?
  29. 你最近聽到什麼有趣的事情? – Have you heard any interesting stories recently?
  30. 你喜歡這裡的氣氛嗎?- Do you like the atmosphere here?
  31. 你最近有沒有去健身房?- Have you been to the gym recently?
  32. 你的家人都好嗎?- How is your family?
  33. 你最近有看到有趣的新聞嗎?- Have you seen any interesting news recently?
  34. 你最近有沒有旅行?- Have you traveled recently?
  35. 你覺得這個城市的交通如何?- What do you think of the traffic in this city?
  36. 你最近有沒有看新的電影或電視劇?- Have you seen any new movies or TV shows recently?
  37. 你最近有沒有試過新的食譜?- Have you tried any new recipes recently?
  38. 你最喜歡的假日是什麼?- What’s your favorite holiday?
  39. 你最近有讀到好書嗎?- Have you read any good books recently?
  40. 你最喜歡的甜點是什麼?- What’s your favorite dessert?
  41. 你最近有沒有去公園散步?- Have you been to the park for a walk recently?
  42. 你最喜歡的城市是哪裡?- What’s your favorite city?
  43. 你最近有沒有試過新的運動?- Have you tried any new sports recently?
  44. 你最喜歡的節目是什麼?- What’s your favorite TV show?
  45. 你最近有沒有去新的餐廳用餐?- Have you been to any new restaurants recently?
  46. 你最近有沒有學新的語言?- Have you learned any new languages recently?
  47. 你喜歡這裡的天氣嗎?- Do you like the weather here?
  48. 你的最愛趣事是什麼?- What’s your favorite hobby?
  49. 你最近有去過博物館或藝術展嗎?- Have you been to a museum or art exhibition recently?
  50. 你最喜歡的音樂類型是什麼?- What’s your favorite type of music?
  51. 你最喜歡的電影是什麼?- What’s your favorite movie?
  52. 你最喜歡的旅遊地點是哪裡?- What’s your favorite travel destination?
  53. 你最近有沒有新的生活習慣?- Do you have any new lifestyle habits recently?
  54. 你最喜歡的早餐是什麼?- What’s your favorite breakfast?
  55. 你最近有沒有參加過什麼有趣的活動?- Have you participated in any interesting activities recently?
  56. 你最近有沒有學到新的技能?- Have you learned any new skills recently?
  57. 你最喜歡的運動是什麼?- What’s your favorite sport?
  58. 你最近有沒有看過演唱會?- Have you been to a concert recently?
  59. 你平常的休閒活動是什麼? – What are your usual leisure activities?
  60. 你最近有沒有試過新的飲食?- Have you tried any new food or drinks recently?
  61. 你的喜好有什麼變化嗎?- Have you had any changes in your preferences?
  62. 你最近有沒有讀過特別有趣的書?- Have you read any particularly interesting books recently?
  63. 你通常週末都做些什麼?- What do you usually do on weekends?
  64. 你最近有沒有看過什麼好看的電影?- Have you seen any good movies lately?
  65. 你最近有沒有去過新的地方?- Have you been to any new places recently?
  66. 你最近有沒有學習新的技能或知識?- Have you learned any new skills or knowledge recently?
  67. 你平常如何運動?- How do you usually exercise?
  68. 你最近有沒有參加過什麼有趣的活動?- Have you participated in any interesting activities recently?
  69. 你最近在工作上有什麼新的挑戰嗎?- Have you had any new challenges at work recently?
  70. 你可以告訴我哪裡可以租自行車嗎?- Can you tell me where I can rent a bicycle?
  71. 你能告訴我最近的地鐵站在哪裡嗎? – Can you tell me where the nearest subway station is?
  72. 你知道這裡有提供無障礙設施嗎?- Do you know if they provide accessible facilities here?
  73. 你最近有沒有看到特別感人的電影或電視劇?- Have you seen any particularly touching movies or TV shows recently?
  74. 你最近有沒有發現新的興趣?- Have you discovered any new interests lately?
  75. 你最近有沒有試過新的運動?- Have you tried any new sports recently?
  76. 你最近有沒有去過什麼特別的地方旅遊?- Have you been to any special places for travel recently?
  77. 你最近有沒有嘗試過新的食譜?- Have you tried any new recipes recently?
  78. 你最近在學校或工作上有什麼新的發展嗎?- Have you had any new developments at school or work recently?
  79. 你最近有沒有經歷過什麼特別的事情?- Have you experienced anything special recently?
  80. 你最近有沒有遇到什麼困難?- Have you encountered any difficulties recently?
  81. 你最近有沒有達成什麼目標?- Have you achieved any goals recently?
  82. 你最近有沒有看過什麼特別好笑的影片?- Have you seen any particularly funny videos recently?
  83. 你最近有沒有讀過什麼特別好的書籍?- Have you read any particularly good books recently?
  84. 你最近有特別喜歡的食物或飲料嗎?- Do you have any favorite food or drink recently?
  85. 你最近的生活有什麼變化?- What changes have you had in your life recently?
  86. 你最近有沒有試過新的嗜好?- Have you tried any new hobbies recently?
  87. 你最近有沒有參觀過什麼特別的展覽?- Have you visited any special exhibitions recently?
  88. 你最近有沒有聽過什麼特別好的音樂?- Have you heard any particularly good music recently?
  89. 你最近有沒有探索過新的地方?- Have you explored any new places recently?
  91. 這附近有沒有推薦的觀光景點? – Are there any recommended tourist attractions nearby?
  92. 你知道這附近有哪些好玩的活動嗎? – Do you know any fun activities around here?
  93. 你最喜歡的音樂類型是什麼?- What’s your favorite type of music?
  94. 你最近聽了什麼好音樂?- Have you heard any good music recently?


  1. 你可以在地圖上指給我看嗎? – Can you show me on the map?
  2. 離這裡遠嗎? – Is it far from here?
  3. 我可以走路去嗎? – Can I walk there?
  4. 你可以推薦一些特色商品嗎? – Can you recommend some special products?
  5. 這個商店有提供退貨服務嗎? – Does this shop provide a return service?
  6. 你可以告訴我哪裡有ATM機嗎? – Can you tell me where there is an ATM?
  7. 這裡接受信用卡付款嗎? – Do you accept credit card payment here?
  8. 你們的營業時間是什麼時候? – What are your business hours?
  9. 你們有哪些促銷活動? – What promotions do you have?
  10. 你們有沒有這個商品的庫存? – Do you have stock of this product?
  11. 你可以幫我找一下這個尺寸的衣服嗎? – Can you help me find this size of clothing?
  12. 這個價格包含稅嗎? – Does this price include tax?
  13. 我可以試穿這件衣服嗎? – Can I try on this piece of clothing?
  14. 我可以在這裡換錢嗎? – Can I exchange money here?
  15. 這裡有沒有會員獎勵計劃? – Do you have a membership rewards program here?
  16. 你們的商品可以寄送到國外嗎? – Do you ship your products overseas?
  17. 我可以在哪裡找到試衣間? – Where can I find the fitting room?
  18. 這個商品有其他顏色可以選擇嗎? – Are there any other colors available for this product?
  19. 這個商品有沒有保固? – Is there a warranty for this product?
  20. 我可以預訂這個商品嗎? – Can I pre-order this product?
  21. 我可以付現嗎? – Can I pay in cash?
  22. 你們有提供包裝服務嗎? – Do you provide wrapping services?
  23. 我可以在這裡退稅嗎? – Can I get a tax refund here?
  24. 你們的商品會定期更新嗎? – Do your products update regularly?
  25. 這裡有提供禮品卡嗎? – Do you provide gift cards here?
  26. 我可以在這裡使用電子錢包付款嗎? – Can I use an e-wallet to pay here?
  27. 你們有提供忠誠客戶的折扣嗎? – Do you offer discounts for loyal customers?
  28. 你們的商品有提供國際保固嗎? – Do your products come with an international warranty?
  29. 我可以在這裡使用Apple Pay付款嗎? – Can I use Apple Pay here?
  30. 你們有提供會員積分回饋嗎? – Do you offer member points rewards?
  31. 我可以在線上購買你們的商品嗎? – Can I purchase your products online?
  32. 這裡有提供產品型錄嗎? – Do you provide a product catalogue here?
  33. 你們有提供產品保修服務嗎? – Do you offer product repair services?
  34. 這裡有哪些熱門的產品? – What are the popular products here?
  35. 我可以在這裡使用電子禮品卡付款嗎? – Can I use an electronic gift card to pay here?
  36. 我可以在這裡使用行動支付嗎?- Can I use mobile payment here?
  37. 你們有提供商品折扣資訊的電子報嗎?- Do you provide newsletters with discount information?
  38. 我可以在這裡找到商品的使用說明嗎?- Can I find the instructions for the product here?
  39. 你最近有什麼新的發現或想法?- What new discoveries or thoughts do you have recently?
  40. 你知道哪裡有特價商品嗎?- Do you know where the discounted items are?
  41. 我可以試穿這雙鞋子嗎?- Can I try on these shoes?
  42. 我正在找一件禮物送給我的朋友。 – I’m looking for a gift for my friend.
  43. 這件衣服有其他顏色選擇嗎?- Does this dress come in other colors?
  44. 這頂帽子打折嗎?- Is this hat on sale?
  45. 我可以用信用卡付款嗎?- Can I pay with credit card?
  46. 這個價格包括稅金嗎?- Does this price include tax?
  47. 你們接受離線支付嗎?- Do you accept offline payments?
  48. 我可以在線上訂購這個產品嗎?- Can I order this product online?
  49. 這件襯衫的材質是什麼?- What is the material of this shirt?
  50. 我可以在這裡退換商品嗎?- Can I return or exchange goods here?
  51. 這個商品需要保固嗎?- Does this product require a warranty?
  52. 這款包包還有其他尺寸嗎?- Does this bag come in other sizes?
  53. 你們可以送貨到家嗎?- Do you deliver to home?
  54. 這個商品有折扣嗎?- Is there a discount for this product?
  55. 這個品牌的產品都在哪裡?- Where are all the products of this brand?
  56. 我可以使用禮品卡付款嗎?- Can I use a gift card for payment?
  57. 你們有沒有這款手錶的庫存?- Do you have stock of this watch?
  58. 我在找一款特定的香水,你能幫我找找看嗎?- I’m looking for a specific perfume, can you help me find it?
  59. 這款產品的有效期限是多久?- What is the expiration date of this product?
  60. 這家店的營業時間是什麼時候?- What are the business hours of this store?
  61. 這個牌子的產品有什麼特別的嗎?- Is there anything special about this brand’s products?
  62. 你們有沒有接受分期付款?- Do you accept installment payments?
  63. 我可以用現金付款嗎?- Can I pay in cash?
  64. 這款產品有什麼特色?- What are the features of this product?
  65. 你們的產品都是在哪裡製造的?- Where are your products manufactured?
  66. 你們有提供包裝服務嗎?- Do you provide packaging services?
  67. 這個商品的價格是否最終價格?- Is the price of this product the final price?
  68. 你們的商品有提供國際保固嗎?- Do your products provide international warranty?
  69. 這款商品有無現貨?- Is this product in stock?
  70. 我可以在這裡使用Apple Pay付款嗎?- Can I use Apple Pay here?
  71. 你們有提供會員積分回饋嗎?- Do you offer member points rewards?
  72. 我可以在線上購買你們的商品嗎?- Can I purchase your products online?
  73. 這裡有提供產品型錄嗎?- Do you provide a product catalogue here?
  74. 你們有提供產品保修服務嗎?- Do you offer product repair services?
  75. 這裡有哪些熱門的產品? – What are the popular products here?
  76. 我可以在這裡使用電子禮品卡付款嗎? – Can I use an electronic gift card to pay here?
  77. 我可以在這裡使用行動支付嗎?- Can I use mobile payment here?
  78. 你們有提供商品折扣資訊的電子報嗎?- Do you provide newsletters with discount information?
  79. 我可以在這裡找到商品的使用說明嗎?- Can I find the instructions for the product here?
  80. 這裡的服務人員態度真好。- The service staff here is really nice.
  81. 我選擇這款商品是因為它的設計獨特。- I chose this product because of its unique design.
  82. 這款皮鞋的質量非常好。- The quality of these leather shoes is very good.
  83. 我很喜歡這款產品的包裝設計。- I really like the packaging design of this product.
  84. 這家店的產品都很實用。- The products in this store are all practical.
  85. 這款護膚品的效果非常好。- This skincare product works very well.
  86. 我很滿意我今天的購物經驗。- I’m satisfied with my shopping experience today.
  87. 我會推薦這家店給我的朋友。- I would recommend this store to my friends.
  88. 我很喜歡這裡的購物環境。- I like the shopping environment here.


  1. 我想要訂位。- I’d like to make a reservation.
  2. 請給我一個二人座位。- Table for two, please.
  3. 我想要一個靠窗的座位。- I would like a window seat.
  4. 你們今晚還有空位嗎?- Do you have any available tables tonight?
  5. 我可以改變我的預訂嗎?- Can I change my reservation?
  6. 我可以取消我的預訂嗎?- Is it possible to cancel my reservation?
  7. 你們今天有特別的菜單嗎?- Do you have any special menu today?
  8. 我想點一杯紅酒。- I would like to order a glass of red wine.
  9. 我們可以要求不要放辣椒嗎?- Can we request no chilli?
  10. 我們可以點兒童餐嗎?- Can we order a kid’s meal?
  11. 我可以要求素食菜單嗎?- Can I request a vegetarian menu?
  12. 我有食物過敏,你們的菜單有標示出可能的過敏源嗎?- I have food allergies. Does your menu indicate potential allergens?
  13. 我可以要求不加糖嗎?- Can I request no sugar?
  14. 我們可以要求分開付款嗎?- Can we request separate checks?
  15. 你們接受信用卡付款嗎?- Do you accept credit cards?
  16. 你們的最後點餐時間是什麼時候?- When is the last order?
  17. 我可以點一杯咖啡嗎?- Can I order a coffee?
  18. 你們有無麩質的餐點嗎?- Do you have gluten-free options?
  19. 你們有提供素食或者純素的選擇嗎?- Do you offer vegetarian or vegan options?
  20. 我們可以要求更換餐具嗎?- Can we request a change of cutlery?
  21. 你們有提供外帶服務嗎?- Do you offer take-out services?
  22. 我們可以要求加倍的蔬菜嗎?- Can we request double vegetables?
  23. 你們有提供任何折扣或優惠嗎?- Do you offer any discounts or specials?
  24. 你們有提供餐後甜點嗎?- Do you offer dessert?
  25. 我們可以要求加大份量嗎?- Can we request larger portions?
  26. 我可以要求多一點醬汁嗎?- Can I request extra sauce?
  27. 你們有提供兒童餐椅嗎?- Do you provide high chairs for children?
  28. 我可以要求吃到飽的套餐嗎?- Can I request an all-you-can-eat meal?
  29. 你們有提供宵夜服務嗎?- Do you offer late-night services?
  30. 你們有提供無酒精的飲品選擇嗎?- Do you offer non-alcoholic beverage options?
  31. 我可以點一份沙拉嗎?- Can I order a salad?
  32. 你們的漢堡很受歡迎。- Your burgers are very popular.
  33. 這是今天的特別菜單。- Here is today’s special menu.
  34. 請問我可以加點蔬菜嗎?- May I add some vegetables?
  35. 我們的牛排非常美味。- Our steak is very delicious.
  36. 你想試試我們的新菜單嗎?- Would you like to try our new menu?
  37. 我可以點一份甜點嗎?- Can I order a dessert?
  38. 我們的披薩非常受歡迎。- Our pizza is very popular.
  39. 這是我們的新鮮果汁選擇。- Here are our fresh juice options.
  40. 我需要一個素食選擇。- I need a vegetarian option.
  41. 你想點一杯紅酒嗎?- Would you like to order a glass of red wine?
  42. 為了慶祝,我要點一瓶香檳。- I’ll order a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
  43. 這是我們的點心選擇。- These are our snack options.
  44. 你可以給我們更多的餐巾紙嗎?- Could you give us more napkins?
  45. 我可以要求不加鹽嗎?- Can I request no salt?
  46. 你們的招牌菜是什麼?- What’s your signature dish?
  47. 我可以點一杯咖啡嗎?- Can I order a coffee?
  48. 這是我們的甜點選擇。- Here are our dessert options.
  49. 你們有提供兒童餐嗎?- Do you offer children’s meals?
  50. 你可以給我們換一個乾淨的餐具嗎?- Could you give us a clean set of utensils?
  51. 這是我們的酒單。- Here is our wine list.
  52. 你可以給我點冰塊嗎?- Could you give me some ice cubes?
  53. 我可以點一杯熱茶嗎?- Can I order a hot tea?
  54. 你們的麵包非常美味。- Your bread is very delicious.
  55. 這是我們的早餐選擇。- Here are our breakfast options.
  56. 你想點點心嗎?- Would you like to order some dim sum?
  57. 你可以給我點檸檬嗎?- Could you give me some lemons?
  58. 你們的湯很好喝。- Your soup is very tasty.
  59. 你們有提供素食者選擇嗎?- Do you offer choices for vegetarians?
  60. 這是我們的主菜選擇。- Here are our main course options.
  61. 你們的食物都是當地採購的嗎?- Are your foods locally sourced?
  62. 這道菜真的很美味,你能分享一下裡面的配料嗎?- This dish is really delicious, can you share the ingredients in it?
  63. 我可以點一份手工麵嗎?- Can I order a hand-pulled noodles?
  64. 你們的湯底是怎麼熬製的?- How is your soup base made?
  65. 你們的餐廳環境很舒適。- Your restaurant environment is very comfortable.
  66. 你們有提供宅配服務嗎?- Do you offer delivery services?
  67. 我可以要求附上一份餐具嗎?- Can I request a set of utensils?
  68. 這是我們的自製甜點,希望你會喜歡。- This is our homemade dessert, we hope you will like it.
  69. 你們的營業時間是什麼時候?- What are your operating hours?
  70. 你可以給我一瓶礦泉水嗎?- Could you give me a bottle of mineral water?
  71. 你們的蔬菜都是有機種植的嗎?- Are your vegetables organically grown?
  72. 適合素食者的選擇有哪些?- What are the options suitable for vegetarians?
  73. 你們的飲料有什麼特別推薦的嗎?- Do you have any special recommendations for drinks?
  74. 我可以點一杯冰咖啡,不加糖。- I would like to order an iced coffee, without sugar.
  75. 你們的餐廳有提供無障礙設施嗎?- Does your restaurant provide accessible facilities?
  76. 你們有提供哪些素食的選擇?- What vegetarian options do you offer?
  77. 我可以點一份純素的披薩嗎?- Can I order a vegan pizza?
  78. 這裡的咖啡豆是自家烘焙的嗎?- Are the coffee beans here roasted in-house?
  79. 你可以給我一瓶未開封的葡萄酒嗎?- Could you give me an unopened bottle of wine?
  80. 你們有提供無麩質的餐點選擇嗎?- Do you offer gluten-free meal options?
  81. 你們的湯裡面有放味精嗎?- Do you put MSG in your soup?
  82. 你們有提供哪些海鮮選擇?- What seafood options do you offer?
  83. 你們有提供哪些手工製作的點心?- What handmade snacks do you offer?
  84. 你們的果汁是新鮮榨的嗎?- Is your juice freshly squeezed?
  85. 你們有提供哪些當季的飲品?- What seasonal drinks do you offer?
  86. 你的咖啡因含量是多少?- How much caffeine is in your coffee?
  87. 你們有提供哪些冷熱飲品選擇?- What hot and cold drink options do you offer?
  88. 你們有提供哪些餐前酒選擇?- What aperitif options do you offer?
  89. 你們的冰淇淋是自家製作的嗎?- Is your ice cream homemade?
  90. 你可以給我一杯熱茶,不加糖。- Can I have a hot tea, no sugar?


  1. 我要如何去博物館? – How do I get to the museum?
  2. 你可以在地圖上指給我看嗎? – Can you show me on the map?
  3. 離這裡遠嗎? – Is it far from here?
  4. 我可以走路去嗎? – Can I walk there?
  5. 你知道附近有什麼好吃的餐廳嗎? – Do you know if there are any good restaurants nearby?
  6. 最近的公車站在哪裡? – Where is the nearest bus stop?
  7. 附近有旅遊資訊中心嗎? – Is there a tourist information center nearby?
  8. 你可以告訴我最快的路線是什麼嗎? – Can you tell me the fastest route?
  9. 我該在哪裡下車? – Where should I get off?
  10. 這附近有沒有地鐵站? – Is there a subway station near here?
  11. 這是往哪個方向? – Which direction is it?
  12. 你可以告訴我如何去市中心嗎? – Can you tell me how to get to the city center?
  13. 這條路會通到海邊嗎? – Does this road lead to the beach?
  14. 這附近有沒有出租車站? – Is there a taxi stand nearby?
  15. 這個公車是去市中心的嗎? – Does this bus go to the city center?
  16. 你可以告訴我最近的醫院在哪裡嗎? – Can you tell me where the nearest hospital is?
  17. 這附近有沒有換錢的地方? – Is there a place to exchange money nearby?
  18. 你知道附近有哪些名勝古蹟嗎? – Do you know any landmarks or historical sites nearby?
  19. 你可以告诉我哪里有WiFi吗? – Can you tell me where I can find WiFi?
  20. 这附近有便利店吗? – Is there a convenience store nearby?
  21. 你知道最近的地铁站在哪里吗? – Do you know where the nearest subway station is?
  22. 我應該搭哪一班公車去機場? – Which bus should I take to the airport?
  23. 這附近有沒有自行車租賃點? – Is there a bicycle rental spot nearby?
  24. 你能告訴我離這裡最近的停車場在哪裡嗎? – Can you tell me where the nearest parking lot is to here?
  25. 你可以告訴我去火車站的路嗎? – Can you tell me the way to the train station?
  26. 這附近有沒有餐廳? – Are there any restaurants nearby?
  27. 你知道哪裡有旅遊資訊中心嗎? – Do you know where the tourist information center is?
  28. 我該在哪裡轉車? – Where should I change buses?
  29. 這附近有沒有觀光巴士站? – Is there a sightseeing bus stop nearby?
  30. 我可以在哪裡買到地鐵票? – Where can I buy subway tickets?
  31. 你能告訴我去最近的公共圖書館怎麼走嗎? – Can you tell me how to get to the nearest public library?
  32. 這附近有沒有好的咖啡店? – Are there any good coffee shops nearby?
  33. 你知道哪裡可以租賃汽車嗎? – Do you know where I can rent a car?
  34. 你能告訴我去最近的郵局怎麼走嗎? – Can you tell me how to get to the nearest post office?
  35. 這附近有沒有大型超市? – Is there a large supermarket nearby?
  36. 你知道哪裡可以買到當地的紀念品嗎? – Do you know where I can buy local souvenirs?
  37. 你可以告訴我哪裡有好的夜市嗎? – Can you tell me where there is a good night market?
  38. 你知道哪裡可以找到好的觀光景點嗎? – Do you know where I can find good tourist attractions?
  39. 你知道哪裡可以找到好的當地美食餐廳嗎? – Do you know where I can find good local restaurants? 你可以推薦一些必去的地方嗎? – Can you recommend some must-visit places?
  40. 你知道哪裡可以看到最美的日落嗎? – Do you know where I can see the most beautiful sunset?
  41. 你能告訴我哪裡有公園可以散步嗎? – Can you tell me where there is a park for a walk?
  42. 你知道哪裡有提供文化體驗的活動嗎? – Do you know where there are activities that offer cultural experiences?
  43. 你知道哪裡有當地的藝術表演嗎? – Do you know where there are local art performances?
  44. 你可以推薦一些當地的節慶活動嗎? – Can you recommend some local festivals and events?
  45. 你知道哪裡可以參觀當地的工藝品嗎? – Do you know where I can see local crafts?
  46. 你知道哪裡有當地的市場可以採購嗎? – Do you know where there are local markets for shopping?
  47. 你知道哪裡有適合家庭旅遊的活動嗎? – Do you know where there are activities suitable for family travel?
  48. 你能推薦一些當地的歷史遺跡或博物館嗎? – Can you recommend some local historical sites or museums?
  49. 你可以介紹一些當地的自然風景或公園嗎? – Can you introduce some local natural scenery or parks?
  50. 你知道哪裡有當地特色的咖啡館或茶館嗎? – Do you know where there are coffee shops or teahouses with local characteristics?
  51. 你能告訴我哪裡可以欣賞到當地的街頭藝術嗎? – Can you tell me where I can appreciate local street art?
  52. 你可以告訴我哪裡有特色的當地音樂表演嗎? – Can you tell me where there are unique local music performances?
  53. 你知道哪裡有當地的手工藝品店嗎? – Do you know where there are local handcraft stores?
  54. 你能推薦一些當地的美食街嗎? – Can you recommend any local food streets?
  55. 你能告訴我哪裡有好的書店嗎? – Can you tell me where there are good bookstores?
  56. 你知道哪裡有當地的夜生活活動嗎? – Do you know where there are local nightlife activities?
  57. 你能推薦一些特色的當地景點嗎? – Can you recommend some distinctive local attractions?
  58. 這是我初次造訪此地。- This is my first time visiting here.
  59. 我已經迷路了,你可以幫助我嗎? – I’m lost, can you help me?
  60. 回答:當然,請告訴我你想去哪裡。- Of course, please tell me where you want to go.
  61. 這裡的風景真美。- The scenery here is beautiful.
  62. 我們今晚可以去看夜景嗎? – Can we go to see the night view tonight?
  63. 回答:當然可以,夜景非常美。- Of course, the night view is very beautiful.
  64. 我想去當地的市場。 – I want to go to the local market.
  65. 這裡的海鮮非常新鮮。 – The seafood here is very fresh.
  66. 我可以在哪裡找到最好的海鮮餐廳? – Where can I find the best seafood restaurant?
  67. 回答:你可以試試海邊的餐廳,他們的海鮮非常新鮮。- You can try the restaurant by the sea, their seafood is very fresh.
  68. 我們明天可以去海灘嗎? – Can we go to the beach tomorrow?
  69. 回答:當然,我們早上八點出發。- Of course, we set off at eight in the morning.
  70. 這座城市的建築風格獨特。 – The architectural style of this city is unique.
  71. 你能推薦一些當地的特色菜嗎? – Can you recommend some local specialties?
  72. 回答:你應該試試這裡的燒烤,非常美味。- You should try the barbecue here, it’s delicious.
  73. 我可以在哪裡購買到當地的紀念品? – Where can I buy local souvenirs?
  74. 這裡的人們非常友好。 – The people here are very friendly.
  75. 我們可以去當地的音樂節嗎? – Can we go to the local music festival?
  76. 回答:當然可以,那是一個非常有趣的活動。- Of course, that’s a very fun event.
  77. 我們可以在哪裡欣賞到當地的舞蹈表演? – Where can we watch the local dance performances?
  78. 你知道哪裡可以租到自行車嗎? – Do you know where I can rent a bicycle?
  79. 這裡的夜晚很美,我們可以去散步嗎? – The night here is beautiful, can we go for a walk?
  80. 我們可以在哪裡品嚐到當地的葡萄酒? – Where can we taste the local wine?
  81. 這裡的天氣非常宜人。 – The weather here is very pleasant.
  82. 我們可以在哪裡看到日出? – Where can we watch the sunrise?
  83. 回答:我們可以去海邊看日出,那裡的日出非常美。- We can go to the beach to watch the sunrise, the sunrise there is very beautiful.
  84. 這裡的歷史十分悠久。 – The history here is very long.
  85. 我們可以去當地的藝術區參觀嗎? – Can we visit the local art district?
  86. 回答:當然,那裡有很多當地藝術家的作品。- Of course, there are many works by local artists there.


  1. 我玩得很開心。 – I am having a great time.
  2. 你想跳舞嗎? – Would you like to dance?
  3. 你今晚看起來很棒。 – You look wonderful tonight.
  4. 你能告訴我洗手間在哪裡嗎? – Could you tell me where the restroom is?
  5. 你可以把我介紹給你的朋友嗎? – Can you introduce me to your friends?
  6. 很高興見到你。 – It was nice meeting you.
  7. 我非常喜歡這裡的食物。 – I really enjoyed the food.
  8. 你知道這裡有什麼好玩的嗎?- Do you know of any fun things to do around here?
  9. 這裡有什麼特別的活動嗎?- Are there any special events here?
  10. 你可以推薦一些當地的特產或者紀念品嗎?- Can you recommend some local specialties or souvenirs?
  11. 你知道今晚有什麼派對或活動嗎?- Do you know of any parties or events tonight?
  12. 你有推薦的雞尾酒嗎?- Do you have any recommended cocktails?
  13. 你可以告訴我這首歌是誰唱的嗎?- Can you tell me who sings this song?
  14. 你喜歡這首歌嗎?- Do you like this song?
  15. 你對這個派對的看法如何?- What do you think of this party?
  16. 你可以介紹一下這個派對的主辦者嗎?- Can you introduce the organizer of this party?
  17. 我可以加入你們嗎?- Can I join you?
  18. 你們都是誰的朋友?- Whose friends are you all?
  19. 這裡的音樂真棒!- The music here is great!
  20. 你可以向我推薦這裡的特色飲品嗎?- Can you recommend any special drinks here?
  21. 你對這場派對有什麼特別的印象嗎?- Do you have any special impressions about this party?
  22. 你知道這裡的DJ是誰嗎?- Do you know who the DJ is here?
  23. 我可以點一杯雞尾酒嗎?- Can I order a cocktail?
  24. 你能告訴我這首歌的歌名嗎?- Can you tell me the name of this song?
  25. 這裡的氣氛真好!- The atmosphere here is great!
  26. 這個派對有什麼主題嗎?- What’s the theme of this party?
  27. 這裡的夜生活如何?- How’s the nightlife here?
  28. 你可以推薦一些當地的酒吧或夜店嗎?- Can you recommend some local bars or nightclubs?
  29. 你知道這裡有什麼好玩的活動嗎?- Do you know of any fun activities happening here?
  30. 你能告訴我這裡的派對規則嗎?- Can you tell me the rules for this party?
  31. 可以告訴我哪裡有派對用品店嗎?- Can you tell me where there is a party supply store?
  32. 你的派對裝扮真特別! – Your party outfit is really special!
  33. 你能介紹我認識那邊的那位朋友嗎? – Could you introduce me to that friend over there?
  34. 這是我參加過最好的派對之一。 – This is one of the best parties I’ve attended.
  35. 我答應帶一些派對小吃。 – I promised to bring some party snacks.
  36. 你今晚打算待到什麼時候? – How late are you planning to stay tonight?
  37. 這個派對的音樂選擇真棒! – The music selection at this party is awesome!
  38. A: 你對這個派對的主題有什麼想法? – What are your thoughts on the theme of this party? B: 我覺得這個主題很有趣,大家都很投入。 – I think the theme is fun and everyone is really into it.
  39. 你覺得這個派對的氛圍如何? – How do you feel about the atmosphere of this party?
  40. 我們在派對上舞池見! – See you on the dance floor at the party!
  41. A: 派對上的飲食很棒,你覺得呢? – The food and drinks at the party are great, don’t you think? B: 是的,特別是那個雞尾酒,我很喜歡。 – Yes, especially that cocktail, I really like it.
  42. 我們應該多拍些派對照片。 – We should take more party photos.
  43. 你知道這首歌的歌詞嗎? – Do you know the lyrics to this song?
  44. 你喝得還好嗎? – Are you ok with your drinking?
  45. A: 你覺得這個派對的裝飾如何? – What do you think of the party decorations? B: 我覺得裝飾得很有創意,很喜歡。 – I think the decorations are very creative, I like them.
  46. 你能告訴我哪邊有休息區嗎? – Can you tell me where the rest area is?
  47. 你喜歡派對上的這道菜嗎? – Do you like this dish at the party?
  48. 你能幫我找找我的包嗎? – Can you help me find my bag?
  49. 這個派對的主辦者辛苦了。 – The organizer of this party worked hard.
  50. 你覺得這個派對的音響效果如何? – How do you feel about the sound effects of this party?
  51. 我們可以去甲板上吹吹風。 – We can go on the deck for some breeze.
  52. 你覺得派對的燈光效果如何? – What do you think of the party’s lighting effects?
  53. 這個派對的音樂讓人很放鬆。 – The music at this party is very relaxing.
  54. 你在派對上認識新朋友了嗎? – Have you met new friends at the party?
  55. 你覺得派對的主題應該是什麼? – What do you think the theme of the party should be?
  56. 這個派對的嘉賓名單你有看過嗎? – Have you seen the guest list for this party?
  57. 你的派對裝扮是自己設計的嗎? – Did you design your party outfit yourself?
  58. 這個派對讓我認識了很多新朋友。 – This party has introduced me to many new friends.
  59. 你覺得這個派對的規模如何? – What do you think of the scale of this party?
  60. 你喜歡這個派對的氣氛嗎? – Do you like the atmosphere of this party?
  61. A: 你覺得這個派對的音樂如何? – What do you think of the music at this party? B: 音樂選擇很棒,我非常喜歡。 – The music choice is great, I really like it.
  62. 你知道這個派對的主辦者嗎? – Do you know the organizer of this party?
  63. 你可以幫我拍一張照片嗎? – Could you take a picture for me?
  64. 你能告訴我哪裡有更多的飲料嗎? – Can you tell me where to find more drinks?
  65. 這個派對的舞蹈比賽你參加了嗎? – Did you participate in the dance competition at this party?
  66. 你喜歡這個派對的各種遊戲嗎? – Do you like the various games at this party?
  67. 你能告訴我這個派對的主題是什麼嗎? – Can you tell me what the theme of this party is?
  68. 你在派對上遇到了誰? – Who did you meet at the party?
  69. 你覺得這個派對的娛樂節目如何? – How do you feel about the entertainment program

關於 AmazingTalker

關於 AmazingTalker

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