Yujin Shin
Yujin Shin

Yujin Shin

  • 韓文家教、英文家教

  • 會說韓文、英文

  • 來自南韓








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Yujin Shin
Yujin Shin

Yujin Shin

  • 韓文家教、英文家教

  • 會說


  • 來自


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Hi, I am Yujin(유진) from South Korea. I am a certified supportive Korean (and English) teacher. ****What my lessons specialize in.. **** 1. Effective learning - not textbook-oriented class, using my own materials, the most effective and practical learing of Korean since those are reflected from the latest usages of Korean(removed the outdated and unnecessary expressions) 2. A lot of support - after the class, sending students the summary of my lesson(+PDF, audio files)and help them review and do their homework by themselves 3. Motivating and Vigorous class - Do not worry at all! It will be so much fun **During all my classes, I use my white board to explain better** <Lesson> 1. for beginners I can teach students the (very) basic of Korean, help them to start learning Korean properly, and make them build the essential and fundamental structure of Korean (focus on Korean alphabet usage, clear pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, etc) 2. for high-begginers to intermediate I will teach them very useful grammar points and how to organize words and sentences which can help them to use Korean accurately and fluently and go to higher levels. we will apply many sentences to diverse situations and cases, and practice it in a conversational way. 3. for intermediate to advanced (learner's needs) I can focus on the parts students feel hard about the most. I can prepare the lesson based on the students' needs. I will help them to reduce their mistakes and polish their expression into the most natural ways. I will try my best to make my students totally confident with using Korean by themselves! 5. Informal Korean / English (free conversation- more than intermediate level) Only focus on improving conversational skills, I will provide endlessly interesting topics and issues. ***For Cancellation or Change of My Lessons*** The students should let me know at least 2days (48hours) in advance. Or, rescheduling(or refund) is NOT possible.



  • 匿名

    네, 열심히 해 드릴 게요! 감사합니다!

  • JC Hsu Allott

    Yujin 씨 has proved herself to be an exceptional good teacher. She uses her professional teaching skills to learn about a student's level and tailor a plan to suit the student's needs. I highly recomme...

  • Sherry Cheng


  • Amy Lin

    Yujin Shin 老師很有耐心,性格開朗,及教學經驗豐富。老師英文流利,所以溝通特別方便。老師用家裏挂著的白板教課。在自我介紹之後就馬上進入教書階段,很有效率。老師家的網絡也很好,所以白板的內容都看得很清楚。Yujin 是一位很好的老師。


Young-jae Child Welfare Center

worked as an English teacher

Goryeo E-School

worked as an English teacher (six year-old to eighteen year-old students)

Edu-class Institute

worked as an English teacher

Woongjin Thinkbig Learning Center

a team leader in English teaching department


worked in the States as an Aupair - worked for a korean adoptee's family, taught Korean and shared Korean cultures

Masan Health and Family Support Center

teaching Korean to immigrants, and helping them settle in Korea

A freelanced Korean teacher

teaching Korean online or offline


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