Vanessa Spanish Language Coach
Vanessa Spanish Language Coach

Vanessa Spanish Language Coach

  • 西班牙文家教

  • 會說英文、西班牙文

  • 來自秘魯








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Vanessa Spanish Language Coach
Vanessa Spanish Language Coach

Vanessa Spanish Language Coach

  • 西班牙文家教

  • 會說


  • 來自



Hi everybody, my name is Vanessa and I’m Peruvian. I obtained a diploma in Spanish teaching from the Hemingway Institute (Spain), which is officially recognized and pedagogically oriented by the Cervantes Institute. The teaching methodology that I have learnt is based in the communicative method, where the teaching of the new language focuses preferably in semantics than in formal aspects of the language. I live in Trujillo, located in the North of Peru. I am a Spanish teacher and I also speak English and French. I am currently learning Italian and Russian. I know from my own experience that learning a foreign language takes time and dedication but also it is an enjoyable adventure. I have always loved languages and now I found my passion in life, teaching Spanish. I have been teaching people online all over the world. I also have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Thanks to my background in psychology I know motivation is very important in learning a language, optimal techniques to motivate learners and have the experience necessary to properly implement them. I have taught this beautiful language to beginners, intermediate and high levels. I have experience giving private and online lessons teaching Spanish, with more than 500 hours working experience. I teach with the conviction that with enthusiasm and persistent determination anybody can succeed in language learning. I always adapt my classes to the needs and interests of my students and I use lots of different teaching methods to help students in their learning, I am proficient at using the following software and integrating it seamlessly into my lessons: google docs, slides, drive and dropbox. If you have decided to learn spanish for the first time or improve your level, for study, work, or travel to one of the 21 countries in the world that have Spanish as an official language, оr if you just want to join the 400 million Spanish speakers all over the world. Whatever your goal is, I can help you to enhance your grammar, increase your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, and develop your oral and written comprehension. Let’s learn Spanish! I invite you to book a trial lesson with me. I promise you a fun and interactive lesson. Don't hesitate to contact me. It will be my pleasure to help you in your learning. See you soon! * Note: Please, if you book a lesson with me I would like to know more about: your native language, your current level in more details (beginner, intermediate, advanced),your reason of learning Spanish, your experience learning other language in the past, and finally, how long have you been studying Spanish.


商業西班牙文、旅遊西班牙文、西班牙文考試、國小西班牙文 (6-11)、國中西班牙文 (12-14)

  • 商業西班牙文
  • 旅遊西班牙文
  • 西班牙文考試
  • 國小西班牙文 (6-11)
  • 國中西班牙文 (12-14)



  • Rebeca

    Vanessa is a warm and patient teacher. She helped me refresh my rusty Spanish in 30 mins.

  • raynascott

    Thank you so much for a great lesson! You helped me feel comfortable and had excellent tools to use for our lesson!

  • Iris Lin


  • Mike Soszynski

    Fue bien pero yo no fui. Mi malo.

  • Grzesiek

    It has been a real pleasure to have a lesson with Vanessa. She has a lovely, soft and neutral Latino Spanish Accent (Mucho mas suave que en castellano). We had a very interesting stimulating conversat...



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Freelance Teaching in my country.


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